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When it comes to marketing, there is no magic bullet.
If you don't have the number of clients or the results you want in your business, you need to ask yourself these two questions:

1. Do you have a plan? and
2. Are you working the plan?

A good plan should help you tackle these three areas:

1. Create a way for new people to find you
2. Nurture new people so they begin to “know, like, and trust” you
3. A process to move people from being “interested” to “working with you”

Click the button below and let's create a plan that works for you, so you can work it without any confusion and overwhelm. 
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I can help you in 3 main ways:
 #1: Strategy
Together we will design and architect the right strategy to grow your business.

#2: Implementation
- Lead generation strategies
- Memberships - plan, launch & marketing
- Funnels for books and digital programs
#3: Support
Ongoing monitoring and optimization, accountability, coaching, and support. 
About Results
I am all about results ahead of time. 

So, this is not about me, it is about you and what is possible for you in your business. You are doing work that is super important in the world today, and you can't and shouldn't have to do it alone. 

My name is Milena Thompson, and I would like to help you. I am a Certified Life Coach and have over 20 years of business experience. For the last couple of years I have worked with new coaches helping them launch their businesses. I have an MBA, but what's most valuable to you is that I love keeping up with the latest in marketing and sales, so you don't have to. I have learned from the best and have seen tremendous success come to those who are committed and not afraid to try new things. Oh, and I love technology too. 

If you are looking for a trusted business partner who can help you optimize your business and your marketing, click the button below to schedule a free Results Ahead of Time call with me. 
I will review your processes and will give you tips and ideas you can implement immediately to ramp up your business results.

No obligation and no pressure whatsoever, just results ahead of time, because that's how I roll. 
What People Are Saying:
"... Milena really helped me enhance my business."
Milena has helped me become clear on my messaging, what I am providing to my clients, and being consistent in my communications with them. I am able to offer my programs to my clients in a way that is not pushy or salesy. I feel that I am at the precipice of accomplishing something really great in my business with Milena's help!
Jaimie Skultety
Upscale Your Business
"... helped me promote my work and sell my programs on social media."
Working with Milena has been a joy! When I came to her, I had little idea of how to promote my work via social media, yet she took what I gave her and formulated sales funnels that are now expanding my audience and selling my online programs. Not only does she continually come up with more ideas to sell my products and raise more awareness of my work, but she also knows the ins and outs of Facebook ads and how to maximize their impact (there's a lot to it). I feel such relief and confidence knowing she has the lead on my online marketing so that I can focus on creating content and helping others. I highly recommend her!
Emily Eldredge
Leader Healer
International Speaker
"...and the results speak for themselves."
What Milena offers is outstanding, and the results speak for themselves. She listens very carefully, offers "real world" advice and never makes you feel like she's judging you. We've been able to look at our business (and our family) through a new lens after working with Milena.
William Winterton
Market Disrupters
"... increased enrollment to one of my programs six times."
​I was thinking of closing our membership program, as we hadn't had the anticipated enrollments. I worked with Milena and lo and behold, we've increased the enrollment six times in less than two months!! 

And with Milena's help, we've come up with a plan to have 10X the enrollment for next year. 

Karen Cappello, MCC, BCC
Master Certified Coach
From the Blog
Marketing is not convincing people to buy something they think they don’t need.

Marketing is providing service to a larger number of people.

Because, let’s face it, most of us became coaches because we wanted to help people...

Sales only feels icky if we feel like we have to push someone to do something they don’t want to do.

If your marketing has done a good job of explaining the benefits and value of what you are offering, the sales process merely helps your customers make a decision...

There are three types of emails you should be using regularly in your business. 

1. Automated campaign sequences - these are the automated emails you send someone when they first join your list.

2. Campaign sequences 

3. One off emails - these are the most important kind! ....

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